Alumni Profiles


     Shelby Metheny Small
    Shelby Metheny
    SC4 prepared Metheny for a career in accounting.     READ MORE
     Roberta Teahen Small
    Dr. Roberta Teahen
    From first-generation college student to college administrator.     READ MORE
     Nathan Wright Small 
    Nathan Wright
    Returning to school led to a new career in a growing field for Wright.     READ MORE
     Meagan Jex Small 
    Meagan Jex
    Jex is a speech-language pathologist in the East China School District.     READ MORE
     Tammy Hall Small 
    Tammy Hall
    SC4's HIT program gave Hall a new career path.     READ MORE
     Melanie Evans Small 
    Melanie Evans
    Dallas police officer has always wanted to protect people.     READ MORE
     Joe Platzer small 
    Joe Platzer
    A dedication to serving the community runs in Platzer's family.     READ MORE
     Regina Light Small
    Regina Light
    SC4's radiologic technology program prepared Light for the workforce.     READ MORE
     Brent Tucker Small
    Brent Tucker
    SC4 started Tucker on his path to a career in accounting.     READ MORE
     Jerry St. James Small
    Jerry St. James
    SC4 gave St. James the start to a college education he needed.     READ MORE
     Louann Rinke small 
    Louann Rinke
    Fate led Rinke to job she loves at Woodland.     READ MORE
     George Brown Small
    George Brown
    Brown's transition to college eased by CL5 program.     READ MORE
     Nichole Smith Small 
    Nichole Smith
    Smith found the perfect path to the degree she wanted at SC4.     READ MORE
     Brian Lukasak Small 
    Brian Lukasak
    Going back and getting a degree gave Lukasak added job security.      READ MORE
     Kristie Lynch Small
    Kristie Lynch
    A second associate degree put Lynch on the path to a career she loves.     READ MORE
     Raya Bowerman small
    Raya Bowerman
    Blue Water Middle College Academy provided an early start for Bowerman.     READ MORE
     Mitchell Fernandez small
    Mitchell Fernandez
    Fernandez finds dream job after golf career at SC4.     READ MORE
     Craig Cassady Small 
    Craig Cassady
    Cassady began his path to a degree in education at SC4.     READ MORE
     Sean Michaels Small
    Sean Michaels
    Time at SC4 led Michaels to fulfilling career in radio.     READ MORE
     Tiffany O'Connor Small
    Tiffany O'Connor
    O'Connor's time in military and at SC4 prepared her to be a nurse.     READ MORE
     Lisa Higgins Small
    Lisa Higgins
    Higgins' path to a career in education started at SC4.     READ MORE
     Eric Kearns Small 
    Eric Kearns
    Kearns found love of acting at SC4.     READ MORE
     Devan Berry Small
    Devan Berry
    SC4 provided a starting point for Berry's journey to dentistry.     READ MORE
     Eric Laskowski small 
    Eric Laskowski
    Positive experience as a student inspired Laskowski to return as an instructor.     READ MORE
     Andrew Pathic Small
    Andrew Pathic

    Engineering technology helped turned childhood hobby into career.     READ MORE
     Erin McIntyre Small
    Erin McIntyre
    Kindergarten teacher passing on her passion for education.     READ MORE
     Courtney Smith Small
    Courtney Smith
    Radiologic Technology program at SC4 helped Smith follow her passion of working with children.     READ MORE

     Josh Sparling Small


    Josh Sparling
    Iraq war veteran found passion for law while at SC4.      READ MORE

     Meagan Bird small

    Meagan Bird
    SC4 helps Yale grad reach her goal of working in meteorology.     READ MORE

    Cody Cepeda small 

    Cody Cepeda
    Skateboarding star honed his marketing skills and skating ability at SC4 and nearby Pine Grove Park. 

    Chad Smith small

    Chad Smith
    Firefighter's son and longtime resident gives back to the community as a K-9 officer with the Port Huron Police Department.     READ MORE

    Ashley Loane small

    Ashley Loane
    Nurse fulfills her lifelong goal thanks to determination and great mentors.     READ MORE

    Paul Fry small

    Paul Fry
    Former SC4 pitcher is finding success in professional baseball.     READ MORE

    Alex Meyer small

    Alex Meyer
    SC4 inspired Alex Meyer to follow his passions into graduate school and a life on stage.    read more

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