Transfer tips

  • Some tips for students considering transferring to a four-year school:

    • Meet at least once per semester with an SC4 advisor before selecting courses. Your advisor can help you choose classes that are best suited for transferring to your intended four-year school.

    • Contact your intended four-year school to ensure you are aware of/understand all deadline dates related to applying for transfer admission, housing, scholarships, etc.

    • Four-year schools located in Michigan will accept a minimum of 30 credits via the Michigan Transfer Agreement. In addition, many four-year schools will accept up to a total of 60 credits for transfer. (It is recommended that students planning to maximize transfer of credit work closely with both an SC4 advisor and the transfer school).

    • When applying for transfer, submit an official SC4 transcript. Visit to learn about transcript options.

    • Inquire about transfer scholarships in the SC4 Financial Aid office and/or by contacting your intended four-year institution.